The Ephemeral Environment Self-Service Platform

Automated review environments on every pull request for Developers, Product, and QA teams.

Shipyard Ephemeral Environments

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62%    Cloud Cost Savings

3.2x    Developer Velocity

8.7x    DevOps Productivity

“Shipyard saves us time and money everyday. We no longer have to juggle release branches, configure multiple staging systems, and coordinate between developers and QA.”

John Bachir
Director of Engineering @ Healthie

Full-stack coverage

Complete CI and E2E tests on every PR against a full-stack copy of your app.

Empower developers

Environments spin up automatically through GitOps. Code, push, and get a secure link to share with anyone on the team!

Iterate faster

No more waiting for code to deploy to staging. Find issues early and iterate before merge.

Cut cloud costs

Environments on demand that scale to zero. You'll save 30-70% on your pre-production cloud bills!

Integrate Shipyard into your SDLC

Use your Compose

Writing a Docker Compose file
Take the Docker Compose (or k8s manifest) YAML that you're already using for local development.

Deploy your app

Deploying an ephemeral environment on Shipyard
Select which services to include, which services should have routes, and add the necessary env vars and secrets.

Connect your CI

Using a GitHub Action in your CI
Leverage your environments in your CI pipeline, with templates and support for all CI providers.

Push some code

Opening a pull request on GitHub
Your GitOps-enabled environment will rebuild on every code change and its life cycle will be automated.
Speed Up Your Development

Integrates with your existing workflow with GitOps

Environments on demand

Shipyard integrates with your team’s existing workflow, create a pull request and see it in a new environment.

Powerful Dashboard Resources

Developer Dashboard

High visibility from one unified console

Our developer dashboard simplifies monitoring, debugging, and deployment all from one centralized point.

Give your DevOps and SRE's Superpowers

Boost your coverage, curb your costs

Backlog of requests for new staging environments? Cloud costs spiraling? Shipyard gives every member of the team their own dashboard to fulfill their environment needs. We make it cost-efficient to test all of your features at the same time on as many environments as you need.

Cost-efficient, All-encompassing Solutions
Intelligent Docker Integration

We Say NAY *not another YAML*

Docker Compose as your application definition

If it works locally, it works on Shipyard. We take your Docker Compose definition and transpile it to our own best-practices Kubernetes manifests to enable infinite environmental scaling.

And...Deploy Production

We connect and deploy to your hosted Kubernetes (GKE, EKS, AKS) platform and provide you with a release automation GUI. Deploy your latest tags, commits, and branches at the click of a button.

Deploy More Intelligently And Efficiently
Works With Your Setup
Shipyard plugs into your existing developer ecosystem.


$500 / month

Shipyard token icon
If you’re just getting started
  • 3 Drydocks (concurrent envs)
  • Developer Environments
  • Partial CLI enablement
  • 2hr Since Last Visit (SLV)
  • CircleCI Orb
  • GitHub Action
  • SSO
  • GitOps-Enabled
  • Email Support
  • Add Drydock $100/month


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For Organizations with dev teams at scale
  • Everything Included In Startup +
  • 10+ Drydocks
  • API access
  • Port Forwarding
  • Streaming Logs
  • Bypass Token
  • Configurable Since Last Visit (SLV)
  • Data Dashboard
  • Support & SLAs
  • Launch-Enabled
  • QA Environments
  • Product Environments
  • Demo Environments
  • Chat & Email Support


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For organizations that need enterprise-Level customization
  • Everything Included In Business +
  • Static cluster IP addresses
  • Enterprise-Enabled
  • Audit Logs
  • Logging service Integrations
  • Remote Environments
  • OnPrem Environments
  • HA Launch Enabled
  • Custom Onboarding
  • Dedicated Slack Channel

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