Shipyard For QA Teams

Shipyard’s ephemeral environments allow quality assurance teams to run automated tests while simultaneously testing individual features continuously. Our plug-and-play solution allows teams to find bugs early in isolated environments for each pull request, so the developers can address them quickly and easily before merging.

Are broken staging environments blocking your QA team?

With Shipyard, a preview environment is automatically generated on every pull request, giving your team the capability to test features in parallel. Each of these environments are independent, meaning that if a new bug or regression is introduced, it will not block the rest of your QA team.

Are broken staging environments blocking your QA team?

Is your QA team stuck waiting for a merge and deploy?

Shipyard provides secure, shareable, short-lived preview environments so that your team can test features before a merge and deploy. The sooner your QA teams get access to features, the sooner they can do their job and provide feedback to the rest of the team.

Is your QA team stuck waiting for a merge and deploy?

Context switching between features causing a slowdown?

Context switching is a huge challenge for QA Engineers. Shipyard eases this burden by providing full-stack preview environments in a custom dashboard designed for QA. The ability to move around effortlessly from bug-to-bug, feature-to-feature, can alleviate some of your context switching pains.

Context switching between features causing a slowdown?

The Shipyard Way

Fixed bug star icon

A developer completes a feature and creates a pull request

Developer opens a pull request icon

Shipyard automatically builds and deploys a full-stack preview environment built just for that branch

Build and deploy a preview environment icon

Your QA team gets to work, reviewing and testing the new features, and providing early feedback to developers and product teams alike

Continuous integration and continuous deployment icon

Updates by developers, based on feedback, can be immediately built, deployed, and viewed within the same URL

Running your E2E and integration tests icon

Once QA is satisfied and the pull request is closed, the environment automatically tears itself down

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