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Hello, I’m Elliott. I am a full-full-stack engineer here at Shipyard.

Since we have a heavy DevOps focus, my frontend development makes me somewhat unique here at Shipyard. We are built upon a combination of Docker Compose and Kubernetes, so all our engineers have at least cursory K8s experience. I have worked with helm charts, database migrations, and React, all within one feature. For example, we allow users to define K8s jobs as docker-compose services. They need to be parsed by the backend, displayed by the frontend and have their own helm chart. This is the normal full stack, plus K8s.

I have always enjoyed programming because you get immediate results. You can see the new output immediately when you change a line. You can build whole systems with just a keyboard. That sounds cliche, but I originally studied Mechanical Engineering in college, and no other engineering has that feedback loop. At Shipyard, I combine this immediate feedback loop with an excellent product.

Elliott Fast Facts:

  • Hobbies: I rock climb and enjoy exploring & learning about the history of NYC 🧗‍♂️
  • My favorite food: Pancakes 🥞
  • My favorite movie: Speed Racer 🏎️

My exposure to DevOps has been diverse because our clients are so diverse. I enjoy the elegance and simplicity of our core features and the challenge and complexity of our supporting feature set. I dabble in different sections of our stack, which multiplies this effect. I have headed our transition to React (we used to use HTML meta refresh!) and also dealt with setting up infrastructure on our clients' clouds, which is incredibly hairy. K8s is extra interesting because I had little exposure before coming here.

Outside of work, you can find me outside. I’m not an outdoorsy person, but NYC enables a different sort of “outdoorsiness.” I enjoy exploring new food places (bagels and bubble tea especially), but general wandering also works. There is a lot of history in NYC. Not all of it is forthcoming, but it can be cheap! If you ever visit, I think the best places require just a subway swipe to see.

That’s about it for me today - stay tuned for the rest of our team. Feel free to reach out with any questions or constructive criticism. I will appreciate that you have taken an interest! 👋


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