We're Headed to CypressConf 2023!

On October 17th, Cypress is hosting the most important testing conference of the year. Catch some great talks on all things testing, including our talk on running E2E tests before merge.

Shipyard is going to CypressConf 2023

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Next month, our friends over at Cypress will be hosting the inaugural CypressConf. The virtual conference will take place on October 17th, and will include talks from industry experts featuring testing best practices, innovations, and tutorials.

I’ll be there speaking on behalf of Shipyard about one of the most crucial (in my opinion) modern testing practices: running your E2E tests on a feature branch before merging to production. I’ll cover these points:

  • How E2E tests get limited to staging, and worse…production
  • How you can run E2E tests on every PR
  • How testing before merge makes you ship faster
E2E test before merging to your staging environment

I’ll also demo how you can set up per-branch E2E testing in your GitHub Actions CI workflow using your existing Cypress tests and Shipyard’s ephemeral environments. Hint: it only really takes 10ish lines of YAML.

We’ll also be hanging out in our virtual booth all day. Feel free to stop by to chat with us, and stay tuned for some cool giveaways!

Catch some other great talks from leaders in software testing, including:

  • Shifting Left: How to Build a Culture of Testing from Jennifer Wadella
  • Be Kind Rewind with Test Replay from Q Ray
  • Effective Test Automation Framework Design from Paul de Witt

…and more to come!

Mark your calendars for 10 AM EDT on October 17th — you won’t want to miss this one. Sign up here (attendance is free).

Ready to test before merge?

If you want to run your E2E tests against Shipyard’s ephemeral environments, you can grab our GitHub Action, now listed on the GitHub Marketplace. You can also add testing environments to your CircleCI pipeline with Shipyard’s CircleCI Orb.


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