E2E Testing With Cypress, GitHub Actions, and Shipyard

Check out our webinar with Cypress' Ely Lucas and learn how to shift E2E testing left in your CI/CD pipeline with Cypress, GitHub Actions, and Shipyard.

Cypress, GitHub Actions, and Shipyard for E2E testing

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We spoke with Cypress’ Ely Lucas about the virtues of unblocking your CI/CD pipeline with instantly-available ephemeral environments. When you have a robust automated testing suite, the only thing holding you back from a faster feedback loop is testing environment availability. Your team has devoted valuable time developing thorough, comprehensive E2E tests, why not run them sooner and more frequently?

In this webinar, we demonstrate how you can set up your CI/CD pipeline to run Cypress E2E tests directly against your Shipyard ephemeral environments. This empowers you to test before merging — you can shift left by fixing things before they break your staging. Check it out below and learn how to use these tools in tandem to get the most out of your CI/CD provider.


What is Shipyard?

Shipyard is the Ephemeral Environment Self-Service Platform.

Automated review environments on every pull request for Developers, Product, and QA teams.

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