DockerCon 2021 Reflection: The Last Mile Of Local Containerization

Shipyard’s 2021 DockerCon Presentation with Peter Valdez


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Hey all, this is Peter, co-founder and CTO of Shipyard. In case you missed it, we made our DockerCon debut last month! 🎉

We gave a talk on a common problem we’ve seen at companies trying to adopt fancy new container-native tech: containerizing every part of their app. (Link to talk at the bottom)

We went over solutions to a few of the most common problems when porting to a full container setup, including using Docker Compose & Makefiles, entrypoints, auto-reloading, and using BuildKit to speed up builds.

We were worried the live chat would be similar to those of other livestream events (trolls everywhere!), but the talk was well-received and the chat was the most supportive we’ve ever seen! So big cheers to Docker and their community.

We learned a couple things through interacting with the audience:

  • Engineering leadership has had a hard time pushing for full containerization
  • The container ecosystem still has developers confused about how to properly handle secrets

Truth is that these confirmed what we’ve seen for years in the container and ephemeral environment space: all the variety in container tooling has developers confused. That’s why we one of the main tenets of Shipyard is to be opinionated and make the best choice for our users. You define your application, and we handle the rest.

It’s always great to meet other people thinking about containers as much as we are, so a big thanks to Docker for organizing the event!

Check out the talk here

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