Recap: 2024 State of Docker Compose with Han Yu

On February 22nd, we brought 35 NYC developers who use Compose together to hear Han Yu’s exclusive talk on where Docker Compose stands today.

2024 State of Docker Compose with Han Yu and Shipyard

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Last week, we brought the NYC Docker Compose community together at Work-Bench on Broadway for a very special event: the 2024 State of Compose with Han Yu. We met over 35 developers who regularly use Compose and chatted over drinks and pizza. For this meetup, we combined two of our favorite event types: conference-style talks about our favorite tools, and developer happy hours. It was certainly a night to remember and won’t be the last time we do something like this.

Benjie and Han talking about Docker Compose

Han Yu, Docker Compose’s PM, delivered an exceptional talk on where Compose stands in 2024. They started out by sharing what brought them to Docker a few years ago, how the Compose roadmap has evolved, and then showcased some new features from the last major release. While many of us like to stay up-to-date on the release notes, it was illuminating to see Han’s vision for the decisions the Compose team makes, and how each decision factors into enhancing the Compose developer experience. We especially enjoyed hearing the ways these features are shaped by user input and feedback.

After Han’s talk, we saw some great connections being made. It was cool to have our local team members attend, as well as some of our users and community members. Everyone at the event was a Docker Compose user in some capacity, which made for an easy and obvious icebreaker.

Shipyard team meeting the NYC developer community

Developers having pizza and drinks before the presentation

As for the final stats: we went through 5.5 of 6 pizzas and 26 of 32 beers. Not bad.

2024 State of Compose with Han Yu

You can check out Han’s talk below or directly on YouTube.

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At the end of their talk, Han remarked that they’re always looking to connect with Compose users. Grab an appointment on their Calendly and bring your burning Compose questions.

Want to catch the next Shipyard event? Hear it first on our LinkedIn or our Community Slack. We have a few events in the pipeline right now, so stay tuned for news over the coming weeks.


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