Shipyard Session on April 27th: E2E Testing Before Merge with MaestroQA

Join us on April 27th for our next Shipyard Session: E2E Testing Before Merge.

e2e testing with Shipyard and MaestroQA

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The next Shipyard Session E2E Testing Before Merge will be held on Wednesday, April 27th at 2pm EST. We’ll be joined by special guest Amrisha Sinha of MaestroQA to hear how her team has successfully implemented end-to-end testing using CypressIO, CircleCI and Shipyard. Register here and make sure to bring your questions!

About this session

Software teams often perform end-to-end tests on main (after merge and before deploy) on a single staging environment. This can cause significant delays between the time developers write code, review it, and e2e failures are found.

Shipyard automates the creation of environments on every pull request, so you can run your end-to-end tests earlier in the process and discover issues while they’re still top of mind for your development team.

In this Shipyard session, we’ll share how we do this at Shipyard. We’ll be joined by special guest Amrisha Sinha, Infrastructure Engineering Lead at MaestroQA, to hear how her team has sped up deployments and unblocked their E2E testing with Cypress, CircleCI, and Shipyard.


  • An effective way to shorten feedback loops between developers & QA
  • How to eliminate surprise blockers when attempting to deploy
  • How ephemeral environments can accelerate your existing E2E tests by running them on every pull request

Click HERE to reserve your spot for this session. If you’re interested in this topic, but can’t make it - no need to worry! Register and we’ll email you a link to the recording after the live session has ended.

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