Docker Compose Community Spotlight: WBO

WBO and docker compose

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Welcome to Shipyard’s Docker Compose Community Spotlight series! During this series, we’ll feature a new Docker Compose-enabled open source project every week, show you how to run it on Shipyard, and how to contribute. This week, we’ll be featuring WBO by Ophir Lojkine.


License: AGPL v3

Whiteboard Online (WBO) is an open source web app that allows multiple people to draw and collaborate on a virtual whiteboard. It’s an excellent resource for art, education, design, education, and planning, as it offers a diverse set of drawing and diagramming tools. WBO offers a quick, easy solution for collaborative drawing that doesn’t require registration: simply send over a link and draw in real time. Additionally, WBO has a public whiteboard session.

WBO builds and runs locally with the docker compose up command, and below we’ll show you how you can get your own copy up and running in no time.

WBO Alternatives

WBO is an open source alternative to popular collaborative whiteboard web apps, including:

Alternative Platform Pricing
Miro Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android Free tier
Microsoft Whiteboard Web, Windows, iOS, Android Free
Explain Everything Web, iOS, Android Free tier
DrawPile macOS, Windows, Linux Open source

If you’re reading this and know of another alternative, please reach out to us at – we would love to feature it!

Running WBO on Shipyard

If you want to run your own instance of WBO in an ephemeral environment on Shipyard, fork a copy of the repo. WBO is equipped with a Docker Compose file, meaning Shipyard can run it out of the box.

If you’d like to read more about running a Docker Compose-enabled app on Shipyard, check out our docs here.

Contributing to WBO

As a growing and evolving open source project, WBO welcomes contributors. If you’re interested in helping out with WBO, you can check out their open issues, or propose a new bug fix or feature. When you open a PR for your feature, you can preview your changes in Shipyard.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for checking out this week’s Docker Compose Community Spotlight! Stay tuned for next week’s featured open source app. If you’re ready to try out this app in an ephemeral environment, kick off a free Shipyard account here and go to the project’s repository here. Happy coding!


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