Docker Compose Community Spotlight:

This week, we’re looking at, an open source website change detection monitor that you can run with Docker Compose.

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Welcome to Shipyard’s Docker Compose Community Spotlight series! During this series, we’ll feature a new Docker Compose-enabled open source project every week, show you how to run it on Shipyard, and how to contribute. This week, we’ll be featuring by GitHub user dgtlmoon.

License is an open source website change detection monitor. It provides an intuitive dashboard for tracking, highlights site content changes, and notifies you when a site is updated. dashboard for monitoring website updates comes equipped with a Docker Compose file, so you can run it locally using the docker compose up command. Below, we’ll show you how to get your own copy up and running in an ephemeral environment in no time. Alternatives is a self-hosted, free, and open source alternative to other website detection monitor applications, including:

Alternative Platform Pricing
Distill Web, iOS Free tier
Visualping Web Free tier
PageProbe Browser extension Free tier

If you’re reading this and know of another alternative, please reach out to us at – we would love to feature it!

Running on Shipyard

If you want to run your own instance of in an ephemeral environment on Shipyard, fork the repository to your GitHub account. Since has a single-service Docker Compose file, we don’t need to modify it in order to get it running on Shipyard.

If you’d like to read more about running a Docker Compose-enabled app on Shipyard, check out our docs here.

Contributing to

If you’d like to add to this project, check out’s contribution guide on GitHub. You can browse open issues or propose a new feature. For this project, any PRs should be opened on the dev branch, and you should provide unit tests for any new functionalities. When you open a PR, you can preview your changes in an ephemeral environment on Shipyard. This allows you to test your branch to ensure it’s ready for merge.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for checking out this week’s Docker Compose Community Spotlight! Stay tuned for next week’s featured open source app. If you’re ready to try out this app in an ephemeral environment, kick off a free Shipyard account here and go to the project’s repository here. Happy coding!

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